Olli Salmi’s Homepage


Welcome to my homepage. You'll find here a few pages I’ve uploaded.

Two files about the Kiowa language. The first page uploaded in 15.3.1998, the explanatory notes later. It was my first experimental HTML page.
The notes are in dire need of revision.

Here are Andrew McKenzie’s pages about Kiowa.

I also have a couple of pages of Central Asian Dungan.  I’ve added the original text in Cyrillic to the following two.

Laohu dai dacaidi


Central Asian Dungan as a Chinese Dialect
The Aspectual System of Soviet Dungan. My paper from 1984, in HTML.
Tone and Stress in Soviet Dungan, my paper from 1980. I've taken it down because it takes so much space. Available on request in large files. Now available from the Oslo Dungan Archive.

The same directory has an old one-page sample of my Dungan dictionary, which I try to work on. My intention is to enter my card file into the Linguist’s Shoebox and, when that is done, to add words from existing dictionaries and go on collecting words. The card file is based on a few Dungan books and the Dungan newspaper Шыйүәди чи, which I subscribed to from 1975 to the early 1990’s. In September 2012, the whole card file has been entered on Shoebox and I'm planning to work on the introduction. In 2014 the files had to be transferred to a newer computer, without Shoebox. The ASCII files were converted into Unicode, and fortunately it was possible to preserve the Chinese characters. The Cyrillic had to be converted with Python programs.

In the same directory is a short lexicon of the Shaanxi dialect of Dungan, based on Хуэйзў минжынди гўҗир (1976).

I don’t want a link to the files in the Dungan directory. I’ll make links myself if I think it’s suitable.

Some Dungan links, unfortunately nothing in Dungan. Many of them may be dead.
http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=spiritofdiscipline Video clips from among Dungans
http://www.dungane.kz a site about the Dungans in Russian
http://www.ejonok.ru/names/Дунгане On Dungan names
http://vk.com/dungane [Accessed 3.3.2013]

A collection of photos of Dungans in Кунсткамера

You used to be able to listen to Dungan on Радио Кабарлар (http://www.radio.kg/, bottom right hand corner) on Mondays from 17.42 to 17.57 Kyrgyzstan time (UTC/GMT +6 hours).  The program was gradually shortened and then disappeared altogether.
http://www.radio.kg/RadioKTR.ram (this doesn't work for me)
Here are two recordings:

If one has a burning desire to hear Dungan, one may watch the    BIBLE JESUS MOVIE IN DUNGAN" on YouTube.

Here's a film about the Dungans in Russian:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LW1I_vnniM [Accessed 3.3.2013]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drrXZvkPzGE [Accessed 3.3.2013]

Other clips:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wld_09VuMwg [Accessed 3.3.2013]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32JCWSf-N7A [Accessed 4.3.2013]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4hgBu8osu4 [Accessed 4.3.2013] Swadesh list of Dungan. The list is here.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocm5jUeJZ0k [Accessed 4.3.2013] A song in Dungan with Hainan Island in the background. The same user has some other clips as well.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvjMOIRNH14 [Accessed 4.3.2013] The beginning of a series of clips in Chinese and Dungan.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULYT8HGIUB8 [Accessed 5.3.2013] A four-part Chinese film
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8ID8dtwZ7w [Accessed 5.3.2013] A song
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULYT8HGIUB8 [Accessed 11.3.2013] 唐人街Ⅱ 陕西村纪事:营盘日记. Four parts.

Other pages of mine in English:

Diu fang 丢方 дю фон (the Dungan board game). This seems to be one variation of a type of game widespread in Northern China.
Islamic Calendar from the Ming Dynasty The Birashk leap year rule is wrong at present.
Scoring in wéiqí
Mongolian calendar Basically a mess, but all the facts should be there, as far as they are known.
Tablut, the Viking game preserved by the Lule Saami and described by Linnaeus.
Notes on the Kabardian verb
Greek and Turkish scales


Kaksois-Pukelsheim: Zürichin uusi vaalitapa
Sveitsin hallitusten vaalitavasta ja kansanäänestyksistä
Lautapeli This now has a short English summary and an appendix in English on 双 陆, Chinese games of tables (backgammon).
Gregoriaaninen kuukalenteri
Nisäkkäiden nimistöstä Mielipide tikutakuehdotuksesta.

olli.salmi@utu.fi (until 31 May, 1998)
The domain was uusikaupunki.fi (until June 30, 2017)
And now it is tsalo.fi
My new home page will be www.tsalo.fi.

Here's a poem sent by Nigel Greenwood to the Kenyon College Chinese list on 21st January, 2002, when somebody asked how my name is pronounced. Nigel's passion was gliding and he was killed in a gliding accident on 13th June, 2009. The poem is published here with the permission of his family. Nigel is sorely missed by many.
> So a double letter (as in "Olli") is pronounced double, i.e. prolonged
> (Ol-li), and "Salmi" is pronounced Sal-mi. Stress is always on the
> first syllable, secondary on the third, etc. (This creates a nice
> rhythm for long poetry, such as the Finnish "national epic" Kalevala -
> whose rhythmic scheme inspired Longfellow's writing of "Hiawatha," I
> believe.)

By the laughing Bothnian waters,
Near the gloomy Finnish forests
And the swampy fenland marshes,
In the town of Ooscaw-Punkee,
Lived the Wise One O-Lee-Salmee,
Guardian of the weighty mail-hoard
In the tongue of Kee-Na-Laiset
(Missives scratched with ancient cunning
On the bark of silver birches) --
Full five thousand secret letters
He, the Wise One, stored in boxes,
Kept in subtle spark-fed folders
Near his Windows, in his loft, where
Down he loaded them with software
From the Net he wove to catch them ...

From his land he once had travelled
Many leagues towards the sunrise,
Ever eastward fared he daily,
O'er the land of Tartar princes,
Till at length, from travel weary,
He had reached the town he longed for --
Fabled Cam-Ba-Lik the Mighty.
There he dwelt among the East-Folk,
Gathering wisdom as he studied,
Reading runes in eastern stroke-script ...